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The ReguCell BeautyWell is for Face - Body & Balance designed and can be used both within
as well as outside the medical professions.

You have five categories to choose from:


1. Beautyis based on the knowledge that early signs of aging are caused by acid. The programs relieve stress, build up and help you achieve a radiant appearance.


 2. Bodyoffers purifying programs to regenerate the entire connective and supporting tissue. The extracellular matrix is purified to improve cell metabolism. Even the first treatment makes the skin visibly firmer and noticeably smoother.


3. Prevention-programs optimize breathing, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and digestion. They strengthen well-being and performance.


4. Balance-programs relax the emotional level to consolidate inner beauty.

Eigene Programme

5. Own programs that you put together yourself for special situations.

The Beauty Well stands for holistic solutions. The effective beauty concepts from ReguCell Products are aimed at maintaining health and anti-aging. It offers the treatments of the future with pleasant, frequency-specific microcurrent, which is significantly enhanced by synchronously oscillating microshock waves.

The individual treatment concepts depend on your cosmetic requirements. They are preventive to maintain beauty and to solve acute problems for demanding clients.

Microcurrent treatment has been revolutionizing cosmetics and medicine for more than 20 years. It's become very fashionable in Hollywood, especially recently.
Our frequency pairings for the individual treatment of clients and their problems are unique in cosmetics.

During tests with microcurrent devices, researchers have found that the electrical currents stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate in the tissues. This is a molecule that is important for cell metabolism and, among other things, which stimulates skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin. The muscles are also supplied with energy. As a result, the treated skin areas are firmer and more radiant on the surface.

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Your monthly leasing rate for a ReguCell Athletic fully equipped with Jerico is approximately €129.00 including VAT.
(Full amortization over 54 months.)

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Important NOTE: The modes of action and medical applications described below for the devices from “ReguCell Products” come from complementary medicine and are intended as an alternative and supplement to scientifically based treatment methods in conventional medicine. The statements are currently only based on studies of small cohort groups, pilot studies, application observations and/or experience reports. In particular, there are no studies of evidence level Ib (methodologically high-quality randomized placebo-controlled studies with a sufficient number of test subjects) or even level Ia (meta-analysis based on several methodologically high-quality level Ib studies), so that the therapy, methodology and the options for action described have not yet been sufficiently proven by conventional medical science and are therefore considered controversial.