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ReguCell Touch

Solve the CAUSES of pain!

The medically certified ReguCellTouch can be used stationary with a power supply.

It is tailored to the needs of practices and is rarely ordered by private customers.

You have at least twelve categories to choose from, each containing up to thirty therapy programs.

Every program is based on FSM knowledge.

These include healing-stimulating therapies that are covered by medical certification (pain, wounds)
as well as applications with preventive intent

The following is a small selection: 


1. Skin
In this category you will find programs from anti-aging to wound healing disorders.


2. Organs
In this category you will find programs that strengthen your metabolism.


3. Orthopedics 
In this category you will find programs relating to the musculoskeletal system


4. Prevention
In this category you will find programs to relieve risk factors and strengthen well-being.

Eigene Programme

5. Own programs
Since even the wealth of options available with ReguCellTouch cannot cover every individual problem, users save all their own therapies in this category. When the factory-saved programs are updated, this category is completely retained.

Like all ReguCell products, the touch stands for holistic solutions. His effective therapy concepts are aimed at maintaining health and strengthening tissue. It offers the treatments of the future through frequency-specific stimulation of the cells with pleasant microcurrent coupled with simultaneous stimulating microshock waves. Treatment concepts are offered for almost every individual practice orientation. The applications are consistently pleasant and help solve acute problems, even for demanding clients. Our microcurrent treatment has been revolutionizing prevention and medicine for more than 20 years.

Click here for the certificates:

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Your monthly leasing rate for a ReguCell Athletic fully equipped with Jerico is approximately €129.00 including VAT.
(Full amortization over 54 months.)

Important NOTE: The modes of action and medical applications described below for the devices from “ReguCell Products” come from complementary medicine and are intended as an alternative and supplement to scientifically based treatment methods in conventional medicine. The statements are currently only based on studies of small cohort groups, pilot studies, application observations and/or experience reports. In particular, there are no studies of evidence level Ib (methodologically high-quality randomized placebo-controlled studies with a sufficient number of test subjects) or even level Ia (meta-analysis based on several methodologically high-quality level Ib studies), so that the therapy, methodology and the options for action described have not yet been sufficiently proven by conventional medical science and are therefore considered controversial.