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ReguCell Vet


The ReguCell Vet is a medical product and can be used stationary with a power supply or can be used mobile with the powerful lithium-ion battery. The therapy programs are aimed at veterinarians, osteopaths and physiotherapists as well as animal health practitioners.

Committed animal owners, e.g. Trainers of racehorses, for example, will also find suitable programs.

You have five categories to choose from:


1. Skin
offers all the programs needed to care for irritated or injured tissue.


2. Organs
offers all the programs you need to optimize breathing, metabolism and performance.


3. Orthopedics
supports almost all healing processes of the spine and the musculoskeletal system.


4. Prevention
choose for abnormalities such as jumpiness or nervous disorders.

Eigene Programme

5. Own programs
which you save yourself for special situations

Video aboutReguCellVet with the well-known equine osteopath Daniel Altmann and
Horst Kieserling


Daniel Altmann, osteopath and physiotherapist for horses reports:

“The ReguCell Vet optimally supports and complements my daily treatments for horses and dogs.

No matter whether in the leisure sector, at national and international tournaments, even in major sports, its quick onset of action is always surprising.

On the one hand, the horses benefit from the unique idea of combining frequency-specific microcurrent with structure-borne sound, and on the other hand, the programs follow holistic approaches.

ReguCell Vet is therefore very effective and has a lasting effect on the entire organism.

I was particularly impressed by the immediately visible effect on allergic bronchitis.”

Daniel Altmann can be reached via WhatsApp on 0170 231 6632.

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Your monthly leasing rate for a ReguCell Athletic fully equipped with Jerico is approximately €129.00 including VAT.
(Full amortization over 54 months.)

Important NOTE: The modes of action and medical applications described below for the devices from “ReguCell Products” come from complementary medicine and are intended as an alternative and supplement to scientifically based treatment methods in conventional medicine. The statements are currently only based on studies of small cohort groups, pilot studies, application observations and/or experience reports. In particular, there are no studies of evidence level Ib (methodologically high-quality randomized placebo-controlled studies with a sufficient number of test subjects) or even level Ia (meta-analysis based on several methodologically high-quality level Ib studies), so that the therapy, methodology and the options for action described have not yet been sufficiently proven by conventional medical science and are therefore considered controversial.